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A Colorado girl living in the sunshine of Los Angeles, DeAnza Bañuelos is thrilled to be trekking in the entertainment industry in a multi-faceted way.

Theatrically trained, DeAnza has brought characters to life on and off the stage for the past two decades receiving national recognition in programs such as KCACTF, and AMTC Shine 2016 and earned her BA in Performing Arts from Colorado State University.


Following graduation, she made the leap to Brisbane, Australia to branch into the study of film acting. Alongside the Aussies she had the opportunity to produce a short film and build skills behind the camera which has inspired DeAnza to produce her own work. She has since been writing and producing her own short scenes while working on a full length screenplay.


Acting continues to be her passion and DeAnza has been training in Los Angels with Ben Mathes at Crash Acting, Barry Shapiro, and Mo Zelof. She believes in an inclusive approach to acting that deepens with curiosity and play. She's found ways to develop her acting technique with a flair for dramatic roles, while tossing in some light hearted commercial work! She recently appeared in Go24-7 latest campaign, and will be Co-Starring in 'This is What We Call Life' by Joshua Dupu Albert in 2023.

Off camera, DeAnza has been reconnecting to her Hispanic roots, learning Spanish, getting to know California's diverse bio culture outside (CA is not CO), and enjoying time as a newly married! 

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